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Yumenguan, Part 1

Well, if you feel like looking on a map and finding Yumenguan, it might give you a clue as to what we’re up to.  For now, here’s a few of the photos from Yumenguan and the surrounding area.

Here’s Ig and I mugging in front of the Jade Gate.  Notice I’m pointing my handgun at my temple…

               P1000819.JPG       P1000820.JPG       P1000821.JPG

As you can see below, there’s not much in the area.

               P1000822.JPG       P1000823.JPG       P1000826.JPG

The sand dunes, however, were beautiful, and I would’ve loved to take a run down the slopes on a sled!


Here we have a little beacon action, and a rebuilt fort for the tourists.

               P1000916.JPG       P1000917.JPG     P1000922.JPG

We’re not sure if this was a beacon or not, but I snapped a photo anyhoo.


We found this abandoned road cutting across the desert, and were amused to find this sign, as the actual site was well over 100 kilometers away…sooooo typically Chineseey!  We also saw two guys pushing their bikes down this road, and Ig said, “What are those fools doing out here?!  Oh, yeah…”


Stay tuned for more…!


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