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Yumenguan, Part 2

Even though The Ig and I had seen plenty-o-wall by the time we hiked west from  Yumenguan (Jade Gate Pass), seeing it again as it is out here was a real rush. 

First, however, we had to somehow get past this rogue pack of donkeys.  Oooh, don’t let their cute, fuzzy faces fool you; they were foaming at the mouth and mad with rage as you can see in the photos below. 

               P1000928.JPG   P1000929.JPG  P1000930.JPG

There wasn’t a whole lot out there to look at,


until, that is, we came across our first bits of wall. 

P1000934.JPG  P1000935.JPG  P1000936.JPG  P1000937.JPG

The mounds in the photos below might look like just dirt to yoos, but baby, it’s wall!

                 P1000938.JPG  P1000939.JPG  P1000940.JPG 

                              P1000941.JPG  P1000942.JPG

Below, you can see the still-intact bits peeking up from the mound.

                 P1000944.JPG  P1000945.JPG  P1000946.JPG

Here’s two ancient relics lying side by side.


We came across some unusual terrain out there.  Dubbed The Swamp, it was like being fly-sized and trying to cross a fossilized vat of cottage cheese. 

                  P1000949.JPG  P1000950.JPG  P1000951.JPG

The wall can barely be seen running up the hill in the distance, and after I took this photo I realized we were walking on what remained of this section of wall.  Almost completely destroyed, we scurried to the side so as not to damage it any further.  


This might be wall,


but this probably isn’t.


We were after wall in the distance,


and once we got there, we’re far from disappointed.  I am, however, disappointed I didn’t get a picture of Ig and I carving, “Ig and James wuz here” in the wall.

                  P1000957.JPG  P1000958.JPG  P1000960.JPG

 P1000965.JPG  P1000966.JPG  P1000967.JPG  P1000968.JPG

                      P1000969.JPG  P1000973.JPG  P1000976.JPG

We weren’t sure if these were fort remains, but I snapped a few pics anyhoo.

P1000979.JPG  P1000980.JPG  P1000981.JPG  P1000982.JPG

Here’s something exciting; finding the wall by it’s tell-tale straw lines.


Here’s that pesky fence we climbed under and failed to mention at our “interrogation.”


It looked like fort remains beyond the fence, but we didn’t think so once we arrived.

P1000985.JPG  P1000987.JPG  P1000988.JPG  P1000989.JPG

Off we tramped, because we could see a beacon tower off in the distance.


First, however, we had to cross another Swamp.

                             P1000991.JPG  P1000992.JPG

Although I fell and twisted my ankle, the payoff was huge.

P1000993.JPG  P1000994.JPG  P1000996.JPG  P1000997.JPG

Here’s a buncha beacons off in the distance.

                            P1000998.JPG   P1000995.JPG

We’re not sure whether these lumps of straw were part of the wall, a fort, or something else, but it’s quite impressive it’s still around.

P1000999.JPG  P1020001.JPG  P1020002.JPG  P1020004.JPG

And here, once again, are the tell-tale straw lines of the wall…soooo cool!

                             P1020005.JPG  P1020006.JPG

I might look dejected sitting here eating my trail bar for dinner, but I can assure you I was in Nirvana swaddled in the warm sun and remains of the nearby wall.


These photos of the moon,


and stars


might not look like much, but they were taken on a regular camera; without the light pollution they actually showed up.

Here we are at the Jade Gate Pass.  Notice I’m questioning what’s left of my sanity and putting a handgun to my head.

               P1000819.JPG    P1000820.JPG   P1000821.JPG

Here’s the road outta Yumenguan.

               P1000822.JPG   P1000823.JPG  P1000826.JPG

And on the main road heading into Dunhuang.

              P1000830.JPG  P1000916.JPG  P1000917.JPG 

                            P1000922.JPG   P1020018.JPG

And a few between Dunhuang and Jiayuguan.

                     P1000926.JPG  P1000927.JPG  P1020053.JPG

I’d always wanted to see a field of windmills, but I never imagined it’d be in China’s desert.  Notice the new and the old in the 2nd photo.

                                 P1020058.JPG   P1020059.JPG

And last but not least, a few more lonely remains.

  P1020086.JPG  P1020085.JPG  P1020087.JPG  P1020088.JPG

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