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The Ancient City Of Cha Dao

Once we reached Badaling, we had to find someplace to stay.  There were no hotels or guesthouses listed online, so when we arrived we were at the mercy of a taxi driver.  We asked one, and yeah, sure, he knew of a bing guan.  Unbeknownst to us at the time, he drove us right past two hotels at the foot of Badaling and took us one kilometer down the road to Cha Dao.  The solar powered street lamps and newly cobbled road seemed out of place in this little village.

                                                    Cha Dao.JPG

To be honest, we were pretty sparked when the driver pulled into this courtyard; instead of a hotel, we’d be staying in a room full of character, and yeah, ok, cockroaches too.

                cdgh.JPG   cdgh1.JPG    courtyard.JPG

We both ended up thwacking our noggins on the short bathroom doorway, but we were sparked to have a toilet AND a water heater for hot showers any time we wanted.  The room was great, there was always a thermos of hot water for coffee, and there were even a couple cute little kittens in the courtyard.

                short doorway.JPG   Room.JPG    cdgh end.JPG

                               P1000120.JPG    P1000122.JPG

It wasn’t until after hiking Badaling that we went and explored Cha Dao.  As we walked towards the gate, we knew we were on to something grand.

                     P1000087.JPG         P1000091.JPG         P1000093.JPG 

The Ancient City of Cha Dao, as it turns out, has just been built by the Beijing Tourism Administration.


Granted, I’m sure there was an existing village, but this new ancient village is quite snazzy and sure to be appealing to the tourists who’ll visit during the olympic games in 2008.  Enjoy the photos of the finished products and the ones still in progress!

                        P1000094.JPG       P1000095.JPG      P1000097.JPG 

                        P1000098.JPG       P1000099.JPG      P1000100.JPG

                     P1000101.JPG    P1000102.JPG   P1000104.JPG

                     P1000105.JPG    P1000106.JPG   P1000107.JPG

                     P1000108.JPG    P1000109.JPG  P1000112.JPG


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