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Zhongwei To Yinchuan

Although I’m not sure whether these are chiles or fruit, I still found it interesting to see the many places locals put them out to dry.

drying fruit.JPGdrying fruit2.JPG

To our left we had mountains and desert, and to our right were beautiful rice paddies and flowers.

igs backside.JPG paddies n flowers.JPG da big house.JPG
The next photo shows what’s left of a beacon tower up on the mountain. The other, more *censored* sand.

lil beacon action.JPG more sand1.JPG

Ig always likes to come across the petrol stations, as they ususally have chairs to sit in. This one looks as if it might be one of the stations with a bing guan.
petrol station supreme plz.JPG

Welcome to where ever!!
welcome to where ever.JPG

Here comes the street cleaner…

street cleaner.JPG street cleaner2.JPG

Last but not least, we have the bedside card at the Apollo Hotel, our home for the past week. I couldn’t get a great pic, so here’s what it says,
“Dear guests: Welcome to stay in Apoll Hotel Resort environmental conscvrarion guest rooms, we advocare protecting water. resonrce, reducing pollntion, if the bed dings on your bed need replacing, please place this card on the desk, We every body all for safe guard the earth do one’sendeavor. The friendship hints. When you in the outside, don’t forget to call you friend is good. Good night”

guest advice.JPG

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