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Zhangjiakou To Badaling

Although we’re on the roads a lot, it’s always nice to get in a little cross country.  Granted, in the photo below we were only cutting from one road to another, but it was still a nice little break.


Taking the road isn’t nearly as fun as being on the trail, but this next day would be different.  Up early and heading up the expressway entrance ramp, we stopped for a pic next to a Great Wall wine advert.

                                                   great wall wine.JPG

We hit the road and had only been walking for a few kilometers when we heard blaring rock music coming from behind us.  I turned around just as a police car passed us; the music was blaring from their loudspeaker.  We got a good laugh outta that until the cops pulled over and promptly backed up until they were in front of us on the side of the road.  Out the two officers came, one tugging all manly-like on his trousers, the other donning his yellow safety vest. 

“Nee men choo nar?” the officer asked.

“Badaling!” I answered.

I was sure we were gonna get the boot off the expressway, as foot traffic’s illegal.  Instead, they merrily offered us a ride.  We jumped at the chance to ride in the back of the police car; we’d already walked this same ground the day before and were only walking until we could catch a bus up to where we’d stopped. 

                                                  ridin in the cop car.JPG

We lao wei were treated like royalty, as they ran the sirens and barked at people over the loudspeaker.  It was good fun until we came to a halt in traffic, where miles of semi trucks sat with engines off.

                                                  traffic jam.JPG

The officers drove on the side of the road and exited at the next toll gate, where I cajolled ’em into posing for a photo.          

                                                  me n da boyz.JPG

The entire day was spent saying “Nee hao” to the bored truckers and occassionally explaining what we were doing.  It was actually a lot of fun, and even better was that we got our first peek of Badaling.

Oddly enough, the first sign to indicate the whereabouts of this World Heritage Sight is a mere ONE KKILOMETER away!!

                                                 gettin closer.JPG

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