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English is extremely difficult to learn as a second language.  Hell, even a good chunk’a native speakers mangle it in written form.  At any rate, here’s some fun signs and other schtuff.  I haven’t taken many photos of this stuff (why o why didn’t I get a picture of the “woman bag”?!), but I’ll try and be diligent from henceforth!


So when does prohibition end then?

Can’t say I’ve ever been left used toiletries in a hotel before…

 Used Stuff.JPG

All I could think of when I saw this sign was the milk ads…got sheep?

Got Sheep.JPG

Welcome to Chollywood, peeps!

Welcome to Chollywood!.JPG

But wheres flotsom.JPG

This is my all time fave so far, as they used “chuck” as a verb!  I also can’t say I’ve ever seen “jetsam” used on a sign either…but where’s flotsom?!


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