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Days 3-5 Outta Wuwei

Day three we decided to follow the tracks and cut some distance off our trek while still following the wall.  In the first photo you can see the Wall if you look hard, and the second is the Wall right next to the tracks. 

                         day3 outta wuwei; tracks and wall.JPG                day3 outta wuwei; wall next to tracks.JPG

 Day four we came across what we refered to as Camel Town; there were more than a dozen camels lazing around this little village.  The middle photo is of an entranceway into a house.

               day4; camel town.JPG     day4; house entrance.JPG     day4; another camel.JPG

 Believe it or not, there aren’t many old buses in China, so I snapped a pic of this old workhorse who’s just fulla character!  Lanzhou is the capital of Gansu

                                               day4; bus.JPG

Here’s a few roadside views.

              day4; field cart.JPG      day4; fields.JPG      day4; flowering feilds.JPG      

 Here’s Ig walking off into the sunset near a house that’s built right into a beacon tower!

                                              day4; sun.JPG

And here’s day 5 before the cold and rain came storming in.

                                              day5; mountains.JPG

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