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Datong To Huailai

After walking outta Datong,
(here’s a view from our hotel room, but it was a last minute pic the day we left and hadn’t taken any in the city)

Datong hotel view1.JPG

we saw quite a few bits and bobs of the Wall, but it’s since dried up.
Off in the distance here you can see the Wall snaking up the mountain,

wall snaking.JPG

and near where that pic was taken, a beacon tower.


In Tian Zhen we saw an old mud building, but we doubt it’s Wall.

tian zhen.JPG

After getting the boot in Yang Gao, we had to bus quite a bit more, and lemme tell ya, it’s a real pain in the ass; we’ve spent countless hours on busses just trying to get outta town, and there was even a day where it took FIVE hours to go 60k. On that day, The Ig and I bought a beer from a vendor who passed it through the window to us. She had no opener, but the money taker on the bus happily popped the caps off both so we could enjoy open intoxicants in a moving vehicle.

bus beer.JPG

There was no room to drink anything on this bus, as I was packed in with the luggage behind the driver.

bus luggage.JPG

The leaves are really changing now…

falls here.JPG

With fall comes the harvest, and the farmers don’t hesitate to spread the crops in the middle of the roads.


My guess is that this man’s load of yams is heavier than my pack.
yams near huailai.JPG

I had a hard time getting skiing outta my mind after seeing this sign in Zhangjiakou.
ski hebei.JPG

After The Luge incident, I found a safer place to pee. The median of an expressway is not the most private, mind you, but it’s at least safe.

forget the luge.JPG

And from today’s walk into Huai Lai, a hazy view of the mountains,

mtns near huailai.JPG

and the view from the front and back of the pedicab we snagged to a hotel.
pedicab driver, huailai.JPG

pedicab back view.JPG

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