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Alright, I’m back in bidness with plenty of storage space, so here’s the rest of the pics from Badaling.

On a side note, Ig kept insisting we go to Beijing first before hiking Badaling.  I kept protesting until he finally said, “Just trust me on this one!”  Once in Beijing we picked up our packages from home, and in one of Ig’s was a birthday/xmas present for me; a new digital camera.

“What the hell?!” I said, shocked.  “All I got you was a Snicker’s bar, a Sprite and some muffins!”

And a big candle!  That was the best birthday I’d had in years,” he said, “and besides, I’ve been watching you nearly smash your camera in frustration for months!”

At any rate, it was an unbelievable surprise; what a guy, I’m gonna kick his arse for being too good to me.  Next year, I’m definitely gonna try my best to track down that lizard suit for him.  At any rate, on to the pics…

This here’s the sowf side, baby, just a tad nicer than Ypsilanti’s sowf side where I used to live.

                                P1000070.JPG    P1000072.JPG

Here’s a couple nearly identical pics looking back at the north side of the wall.

                                P1000071.JPG           P1000073.JPG

Another south side shot.


A few jenky arch shots.

                P1000075.JPG       P1000076.JPG       P1000078.JPG       P1000079.JPG

There were literally swarms of ladybugs flying about, and although I was really trying to pose chillin’ like Dylan, I couldn’t quite keep the bugs off me.  Far too much deja vu going on here…


The hikable bit of the south side ended here, but they’re obviously doing renovations. 


And, two last shots from the south side.

                            P1000085.JPG                    P1000086end.JPG

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