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1st Day

Our first day was the easiest, and we even knew it at the time; we didn’t have our packs, so our hike from the 1st beacon tower back to the Fort was cheesecake.
Below is the 1st beacon tower, along with a close-up and one wif me showing off my model-like prowress.

1st beacon.JPG

1st beacon tower.JPG

1st beacon n me.JPG

Here’s a few photos of the first bits of wall.

1st beacon wall.JPG

Hello Wall.JPG

1st beacon walk.JPG

1st bit of wall.JPG

Before we hiked that bit of the wall I checked out the old settlement on the side of the gorge where the wall ends. Here’s the stairs leading down to the settlement.

Stairs down to the settlement.JPG

And here’s the settlement, with a peek inside one of the houses.


Settlement houses.JPG

Inside a camp house.JPG

This photo is looking up from the settlement at the end of the wall.

Looking towards the end of the wall.JPG

Here’s a couple photos where the wall leads up to Jiayuguan Fort.

Jiayu fort.JPG

Jiayu fort to wall.JPG

At the end of the day, we cheered ourselves with a…gack…warm can of beer.

cheers to 1st day.JPG

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