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After hiking Mutianyu I have to say that so far, it’s my favorite.  Not only was it devoid of the crowds Badaling draws, but there’s kilometer after kilometer of unrestored wall at both ends.

First, here’s a couple photos for JP, Shaggy, and anyone else who might be interested in the engineering aspects of the wall.  Hope this is what yoos were after!

                     P1000210.JPG      P1000211.JPG      P1000219.JPG

Here’s a photo of one of the bunkhouses displaying the absolute disregard some people have for the wall; there’s graffiti all over the side. 


Now for some wall, wall, and more wall… 

             P1000212.JPG        P1000213.JPG         P1000214.JPG


                     P1000217.JPG           P1000221.JPG             P10002151.JPG

                                    P1000222.JPG                     P1000223.JPG

As we neared the northeast side, we noticed quite a few people milling around on one of the unrestored towers.  Disregarding the sign (we’re bad, bad monkeys!),


we walked through the growth to get to the tower.  This was the most exciting part of the day, partly because it felt more ancient, and partly because we weren’t really supposed to be there.  However, we were careful to avoid any crumbling or fragile bits so as not to damage them any further.   

              P1000225.JPG      P1000226.JPG      P1000227.JPG



                              P1000229.JPG        P1000230.JPG


Here’s looking back at the last tower we’d come from,


and looking out over the snaking unrestored bit.

                       P1000234.JPG         P1000233.JPG        P1000235.JPG

Here’s a view of the other side we were about to hike.

             P1000228.JPG        P1000232.JPG        P1000243.JPG

We walked through the winding roads of two of the distant mountains (at about 2 o’clock in the photo below) and then through the city to get to Mutianyu.  It was only a 27 kilometer walk, but the ups and downs certainly made their mark on us.  We ate lunch in the city below and were charged 95 kwai, which is equivelent to 12 usd; we were totally ganked, as an expensive lunch is 40 kwai!  As seasoned China vets, we should know enough to ask the price before ordering.


And on to the other side of the wall…

                          P1000244.JPG           P1000245.JPG            P1000246.JPG

                     P1000256.JPG           P1000257.JPG            P1000251.JPG

                                   P1000258.JPG           P1000260.JPG 

This is a view of the first side we hiked.  The lump on the last ridge on the left is the unrestored tower we were on earlier.


And a trip to the wall wouldn’t be complete without running the gauntlet of aggressive vendors stationed at their posts on the base.

                                     P1000262.JPG             P1000263.JPG

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