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Juyongguan Pass, Part 1

From Badaling we walked to Juyongguan pass.  It was a beautiful walk with the fall colors, and we were in good spirits and not yet crapping ourselves because we were still ignorant as to how steep the pass was.   

                  P1000126.JPG   P1000127.JPG   P1000128.JPG

I have no idea how old this carving is, but it’s size and the fact it’s up there is impressive.

                             P1000131.JPG        P1000132.JPG

The wall behind us was not Juyongguan, but another bit we strolled past.

                  P1000135.JPG        P1000137.JPG      P1000138.JPG

                              P1000139.JPG      P1000140.JPG  

And here we have our first peek from the road of Juyongguan pass. 

                              P1000143.JPG      P1000144.JPG

This here’s the north side of the pass, or the piddly little one if you will.

                P1000145.JPG     P1000146.JPG    P1000147.JPG

Now we’re looking up at the south side.

                             P1000148.JPG         P1000151.JPG             

Bad Ig! 


I’m not sure what the red tags are, but I was hoping it’s not the number of lao wei to die climbing the pass.


And up we go…

                      P1000153.JPG         P1000155.JPG         P1000156.JPG       P1000157.JPG       

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