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Last Day of the Second Time ‘Round

When The Ig and I awoke the morning of what again would be our last day, the sun rose over North Korea,


and I remember being relieved that by the end of the day, we’d be finished with this Shibble-forsaken adventure. I also remember thinking even if someone paid me a million bones, I would never–and I mean never–take on this trek again. Before I go on to finally show you the photos of our last day, I’m just gonna throw a little sum’in’-sum’in’ out there:

Never say never.

Anyhoo, so The Ig and I ambled outta Dandong and headed towards Tiger Mountain, the Eastern-most section of the Great Wall. Along the way we encountered some new sights,


(yes, that’s the American flag flying behind the Chinese flag)

and some old familar ones.


The Ig was tres excited when we reached the wall and learned there was no museum or Maze of Terror to distract us from our task.


It was windy, cold, and icy, and the doorways were far too short for The Ig,


but we schmutzed along until we reached the end.

P1020164.JPG P1020165.JPG P1020166.JPG P1020167.JPG

P1020172.JPG P1020168.JPG P1020169.JPG P1020170.JPG

P1020171.JPG P1020180.JPG P1020181.JPG P1020183.JPG

P1020200.JPG P1020192.JPG P1020190.JPG

And of course Adventure Turtle was feeling a little saucy, you know, with him being the first one to finish, and so he demanded his own photo shoot.

P1020186.JPG P1020191.JPG P1020204.JPG P1020203.JPG

Well, that A.T. might just be in for a big surprise when he’s ripped from my grandmother’s arms in West Palm Beach and dragged, flippers a’ flappin’, on another Shibble-forsaken adventure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find a gargantuan bottle of tequila before posing a few questions to The Ig…

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9 Responses to “Last Day of the Second Time ‘Round”

  1. Ig Says:

    Ha! Do I look stupid to you??? Don’t answer that, I saw the pics. Ok, but there is absolutely, no way I am going back to…….is that tequila????



  3. Dad Says:

    Ig, I think you should switch to cranberry juice for a while. If you don’t stay away from that tequila, the next thing you know you will be “pickin’ em up and layin’ em down” for months on end again.

  4. Ig Says:

    Not to worry….I can be very focused and determined when I really put my mind….

    Ooooooooooo, shiny!

  5. laura Says:

    Well…. we have an AT jr. (and a young man looking for a way out of school- I mean an adventure) over here who would probably love to go with you if grandma’s too attached. BTW anyone been on a luge lately?
    Wonderful pics, ahhhh the memories- can only imagine how they stir you two up!
    Glad to see the new post and Happy New Year to you both!

    How’s the kitty and when will we see the pics of Ig’s new additions?

    Laura-Jer-and AT jr.

  6. Posted from United States United States
  7. Shaggy Says:

    I am most surprised, nay…disappointed, that there seems to be another big adventure in the wings and I haven’t been granted the honour of ‘being the first to know’.

    Didn’t I keep the secret good enough last time? Didn’t I offer just enough saucy hints in my comments while keeping the beans well-and-truly un-spilled? Perhaps the title of ‘confidante-extrordinaire’ has been passed un-knowingly to another. Anyway, I hereby give you one last chance to redeem yourself and send the details to my inbox. Knowing you, it will be something totally unexpected, completely insane, and 100% able to make me turn, once again, green with envy. Ahh well, as the frog said, “It’s not easy…..”

    But the most important question is….. will you be taking your kitten?

    Shaggy °¿°

  8. Posted from Australia Australia
  9. Shaggy Says:

    James – I just found this interesting web-site which I am sure you will want to read. It is all about the growing faith of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. (Yes, I have way too much time on my hands!!)

    Of course, it contradicts much that you know about the Great and Mighty Shibble, but it does suggest that global warming is due to the lack of pirates, as there is a definite inverse relationship between the two. My faith-less existance needs something to cling to, and even if there is no firm evidence of the truth of the FSM, it is at least al-dente.

    Next census, I think I shall put myself down as a Pastafarian.

    Shaggy °¿°

  10. Posted from Australia Australia
  11. Ig Says:

    Laura…my two roomies are a bit camera-shy….suffice to say they look alot like AT, only less cuddly.

    Shag….hilarious. If I weren’t already a disciple of Shibble, I’d join you!

  12. Rudi Says:

    Hey Stranger… How are you??

  13. Posted from India India

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