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It’s A Small World

The day The Ig and I reached Jiayuguan last January after restarting our trek, we checked into the Great Wall hotel, showered up and went downstairs to the hotel restaraunt.  It was cold and completely empty, and the hostess led us to a back room, where we were shocked to see two foreign women eating at a table.

We sat down at a table, where I tried my hardest not to be Chineseey by staring at the foreigners.  They were just as shocked to see us, however, and so they invited us to join them at their table. 

It turned out this mother-daughter duo from Louisianna had seen us walking towards Jiayuguan earlier that day and tried to get their cab driver to turn around to offer us a ride.  Dorothy, the mother, could think of no reason we’d be out there other than that we were stranded, and she pleaded with the driver.  He was in no mood to pick up stray lao wei and, determined to stick to their strict itinerary, hadn’t even tapped the breaks. 

Dorothy was in China visiting her daughter Meagan, who was teaching English in the southeast, and they were out in Jiayuguan to see the wall and other Silk Road attractions. 

It was a fantastic meal and great conversation, and Meagan even taught us some dirty stuff in Mandarin…score

A few days later The Ig and I flew outta Jiayuguan to Lanzhou, where we had a connecting flight to Beijing.  As we emerged from the lower level of the Lanzhou airport I was surprised to see a familiar colorful coat with a foreign head sitting atop it.  I yelled Dorothy’s name, and by Shibble, it was she and Meagan.  

(Below; Dorothy, Meagan and The Ig at the Lanzhou airport.)


The Chinese have this weird idea that all foreigners know each other, and we had a laugh about having just reinforced the notion. 

I then related the story of when The Ig and I were in a wang ba waiting for the power to come on when a girl who spoke a little English approached us and asked if we knew Sam from America who taught in Zhangye.  When we said no she ran and grabbed his business card and physically described him, sure that we must all know each other.  She seemed genuinely surprised when the description and his full name on the card rang no bells. 

Go figure!

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7 Responses to “It’s A Small World”

  1. Shaggy Says:

    I gotta say, James, that the Chinese aren’t the only people guilty of such a mis-conception. It seemed that no matter where I went in America, or who I spoke to, whenever I told somebody that I was from Australia I got a comment something like “Oh, I’ve got a cousin in Sydney. Do you know him?”

    Shaggy °¿°

  2. Posted from Australia Australia
  3. ig Says:

    The funny thing is, I know Sam, but we never got along in High School.

    I think it’s because I dated his sister, Jane.

    She’s in Australia now….hey Shaggy, do you know her???

  4. Shaggy Says:

    Ig, you just gave me a good laugh over that comment, thanks mate!

    Shaggy °¿°

  5. Posted from Australia Australia
  6. Mandi Says:

    LMAO, you two (IG and James), still keep me entertained and enthralled with stories from your trek. I come here often looking for new stuff, I thought I’d be the only one still listening. But I suppsoe Shaggy is too, so now I don’t feel so strange. I have no idea why I am writing this, just to let ya know I was here I suppose. Loves to James and Ig, and Shaggy too just fer the hell’ov’it! *btw I was gonna try and take another stab at the everyone knows everyone in Australia joke, but it’s just too far gone Ig handled it proper, so sorry for not being entertaining*,…lol

  7. Jamie Says:

    Shaggy; at least the bumbleheads here narrowed it down to a city!!

    Ig; do ya really have to ask?! I mean, duh, of couse he knows her!

    Mandi!! Long time no hear! And according to the blog stats, there are quite a few people (both old and new) checking the site. :~)

  8. Posted from United States United States
  9. mandi Says:

    How does one see the blog stats? And talkin’ about longtime no see, dontcha ever check yer myspace? lol Either way, misses and kisses, Cuz. ‘Wait, does that make us kissing cousins?”,… ahhh hell who cares, Loves to you! (-:

  10. Posted from United States United States
  11. Jamie Says:

    Mandi; you used to be able to see the blog stats broken down by clicking on “more”, but for some reason it doesn’t load anymore…

  12. Posted from United States United States

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