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In The Flesh

Sometime around the middle of our trip, The Ig and I gained two new loyal and regular commenters, Jeremy and Laura.  As clients of The Ig’s mom Jill, they were told about the site, checked it out, and according to Laura, were instantly hooked.  Their comments always made us laugh and lifted our spirits–which was a gift we were most appreciative of back then–and so when we finished the trek we sent ’em a few small gifts, one being a set of chopsticks. 

To our delight (and astonishment), they actually wanted to meet us in person, and so when The Ig was home last week, he, Jill and myself met Jeremy and his parents, Laura and Tom.  We met at Jer’s favorite restaraunt, and–how fun is this–ate our meals with the chopsticks we sent.  I was most impressed by Jeremy’s ninja-like chopstick skills; you’d a thunk he’d been using choppies as long as we had, and it was his first time!

From left; Tom, Laura, The Ig, myself, Jer and Ig’s mom Jill.  Any ideer what restaraunt we’re at?


Meeting them was fantabulous, and just as I’d expected, they made us laugh in person as well.  And on top of the laughing, they completely surprised us with this!


Thanks guys–you rock!  :~)

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6 Responses to “In The Flesh”

  1. Ig Says:

    Jamie’s guys are awesome!

    Thanks again, Laura and Jeremy, for being such wonderful supporters!

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  3. Valerie F Says:

    Aw, somehow you guys having fun with some Wallnut cheerleaders doesn’t surprise me. ^_^

  4. Jeremy and Laura Says:

    YEP, THAT’S US! I had fun and I like my AT turtle and Billy does too! I think you’re nice. I am in school now and it is FUN. I am going to show everybody in my internet class my picture with the wallnuts. thank you I like the pictures. Jeremy

    AND now I want some more of that cake! lol
    Thanks again WALLNUTS it was so nice to finally meet you. Laura


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  6. Jamie Says:

    Val; hey, are you still planning yer own trip? It’s my turn to live vicariously through someone! :~)

    Laura and Jer; had a GREAT time, you two, and darn it Jer, now I’m hooked on Burger King! :~p

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  8. Jill Says:

    It was a great party! Jamie, I bet there are a lot schools, like Jer’s, that would love to invite you in to talk about your adventure. China is such a hot topic right now, between the toy recalls and the upcoming Olympics.

    Love ya,

  9. Jamie Says:

    Jill; that might be so, but I’d rather cower here in the corner outta public view! :~)

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