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New Video

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

This video was taken a week or so out of Shanhaiguan, our ending point the first time. It’s just a tiny slice of what we saw while walking through villages.

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How Time Flies

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

It’s been a long time since I’ve Triple Dog Dared anyone, and so today I have a challenge for ya’ll; where were The Ig and I one year ago today, and what were we celebrating?

Speaking of dares, here’s a photo of The Ig eating the brain out of a duck head after I’d bet him fifty kwai to do it.  And what does duck brain taste like, you ask?  According to The Ig, it tastes like pate.


We’d found roasted duck not too long after our fruitless search on Thanksgiving, and I shot a short video of our meal.

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Western Goodies

Friday, July 27th, 2007

When The Ig and I finished our trek out at Tiger Mountain last March, we were excited to get back to Beijing; on a previous stay in the city we’d discovered Durty Nellie’s, an Irish pub where we enjoyed Shepherd’s pie, Irish stew and splurged on their pricey imported beverages.

Once back in Beijing, we dumped our bags at Base Camp and headed straight for Durty Nellie’s.  A few hours down the road found us getting a bit saucy with Nellie.

(Rob and Marsh; photos show Ig posing with a seated statue of “Nellie”.  In the first photo Ig’s hand is on her knee, and in the second he’s grabbing her, uhm, boob.)

                                            P1020256.JPG     P1020257.JPG

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Back In Bidness, Baby!

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Apparently corporate America was aware of how much I’ve been missing China; in an attempt to quell my longing, AT&T provided nearly three weeks of bureaucracy before finally hooking up the phone and internet at my new apartment.  AT&T’s red tape outdid China’s, as more than one person commented that I was more accessable in the flippin’ Gobi desert than here in Ypsilanti. 

At any rate, my apologies for the long absence, and as promised, I’ll be posting all the schtuff from the trek that I wasn’t able to get up while in China.

The video below was one I couldn’t load in China, and although I’m not exactly sure what’s in it, I do know it’s from Simatai.

Goodbye Asia

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

As I walked around Beijing yesterday I couldn’t help but notice how quiet and orderly it suddenly seemed.  Beijing had always felt like a noisy, bustling, crowded, high-energy city, but coming from the chaotic, harey carey din of Hanoi has made it now appear downright docile.

As per usual, I’ve run into a couple snags in getting the last two things on my to-do list finished.  First, I was gonna post a couple pics that I snapped today, but of course I can’t get the computer to recognize my camera. 

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Honey, I’m Home!

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007

When I boarded my flight to Beijing this morning, I heard the people in front of me speaking Mandarin and grinned; it was like music to my ears, even if I could only understand a little bit. I was so sparked to be getting back to Beijing that even the Chinese men on the plane who continually cleared their throat demons (and thankfully spit ’em in their barf bags instead of on the floor) made me laugh.

As we circled the city I grinned down at the sprawling skyscrapers as, “Yessir, that’s my baby, nossir, don’t mean maybe!” played continually in my head.  Halfway through my forty minute cab ride I started coming down from the high; something wasn’t right here.

As soon as I walked in my room and saw the two twin beds the feeling was overwhealming; this is the first time in Beijing without The Ig, and it just feels wrong. 

I turned on the t.v. for a little company, to no avail.  To make matters worse, A.T. is inconsolable and refuses to leave the bed in front of the t.v. that The Ig usually slept in. 

To cheer myself up I headed straight for a place where I knew I could get candied crab apples.  Apparently all things are unaligned here now that The Ig is MIA, as the man is no longer there!  Wah!  AND, they’ve made my favorite internet cafe a no smoking place!  Lemme tells ya, The Big B is on a new health kick, and I don’t like it one bit, damnit.

Ah, where have the good old days when you could easily find candied crab apples to gorge yerself on and smoke yourself silly in the net cafe gone? 

Officially Unemployed

Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Well, The Ig and I are now out of a job; on March 6th we walked outta Dandong, climbed the wall at Tiger Mountain, and became the first people to hobble from west of Yumenguan in Gansu Province to Tiger Mountain in Liaoning Province–WOOT!!!!! 

We were shocked–shocked, we say–to find hoardes of people waiting at the end to cheer on our last steps, and there’s now a power drink named in our honor.  The photo below shows all our adoring fans while we give a thumbs-up endorsement to the “Walnut Drinks.”  As you can see, they spelled wallnut wrong, but it’s the thought that counts.

                 P1020233.JPG    P1020238.JPG    P1020232.JPG

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Breaktime At Wang Dan’s Place

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

While strolling through the small town of Gao Qiao (and we didn’t know the name of the town until we were told…doh!!) today The Ig and I were stopped for a chat. 

Running up to us came Wang Dan, a young lady who studies English at university.  Eager to practice her English (and WOW, her English is better than mine, folks!), she engaged us in conversation about both China and America.  And what a smooth talker; she convinced us to take a break back at her house, where she fed us sweet rolls and oranges–WOOT!! 

Wang Dan’s in front along with Du Ying in green, and in the back Wang Dan’s father, Wang Gui Hua.  And of course, Mr. Wang needed a picture with just he and The Ig.

                              P1020108.JPG       P1020109.JPG

Right now I’m writing this from the Wang’s place, but alas (!!), we must get back on the road and finish up the day with another 20k. 

But this kind of thing, this is what it’s all about; amazing!!  China rocks!!

Happy Spring Festival!

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

The past few days have allowed The Ig and I the chance to wow the locals by wishing them a happy spring festival in Mandarin, and as per usual, we get all sorts of reactions.  From side-splitting laughter (you’d think we said “hello!” or something, sheesh!) to stunned silence with a look on their face like the dog just spoke, it’s been a lot of fun.  This has, once more, prompted Ig to start talking about wanting a giant lizard suit again.  Please, could someone just send him one already?!

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Happy Hallmark Holiday!

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

I’ve never really been big on celebrating Valentines Day, but man, the Chinese sure know how to welcome The Wallnuts to town; they’ve been shooting off fireworks all day long in our honor!
What’s that? Whaddaya mean it’s not for us? You say it’s because of Spring Festival (or Chinese New Year, as it’s known in the western world), eh?
Well, lemme tells ya; Adventure Turtle is going to be none too pleased with that bit of information.
Question of the day; guess what song’s stuck in my head right now?
And no, it’s not Air Supply or any other sappy love songs, a’right?!