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Blissful Beijing

When I first arrived in Beijing and The Ig and I got stuck waiting for over a week on desperately needed visas, I could not wait to leave the city, the most prominent reason being the constant sinus headache from the pollution.  The problem is prevalent enough that the city keeps a Blue Sky Day count. 

Although the photo below (taken out the window of the Yu Yang hotel) dispays a day far from a Blue Sky Day,

                                                 beijing; no blue sky day.JPG

I can tell you that The Ig and I were thrilled to be in the city.

We’d been hiking for over five months, and it was our first time back in Beijing.  After checking in, we got our bags out of hotel storage and picked up packages sent from home.  As Ig had lost a lot of weight, he had a new pair of jeans sent from home, then modeled his now-too-big jacket.

                                                        ig gussied up.JPG

Tired of seeing me threaten to chuck my dysfunctional camera into a field for so long, he had a new camera sent for a bday/xmas present.  I was a bit overwhealmed by the gift, but absolutely thrilled.  After seeing the photo below again, I have to say I kinda miss the funky melanin art on my feet.

                                                   new camera.JPG

The Ig took advantage of the goods offered in the city and bought a new sleeping bag, which he saucily modeled below.

                                                   attack of the mummy.JPG

We dressed up to go out on the town, and in my journal I’d written how utterly strange it was to be wearing jeans and make-up again, both of which had been in storage at the hotel.  I commented in my journal that I looked a bit “oh-so-harlot-ee,”  

                                       gussied up.JPG        gussied.JPG

and looking at the pics again now, I’d have to say I’d definitely been out in the sticks too long.

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2 Responses to “Blissful Beijing”

  1. Shaggy Says:


    James, me ol’ matey! Welcome back to International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Ye better be out there tellin’ those scurvy dogs at yer tavern all about it, or I’ll hold me cutlass to yer throat.

    Q: Why are pirates pitates?

    A: Because they arrggghhhh

    Cap’n Shaggy °¿*

  2. Posted from Australia Australia
  3. Jamie Says:

    Shaggy! Have no fear, matey; tonight I’ll be servin’ up grog, tellin’ everyone their food came from the bung hole, and calling the surly ones bilge rats!
    Woot!! :~)

  4. Posted from United States United States

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