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A Favor

The bar I work at, TC’s Speakeasy, has been nominated by channel 4 news as one of the best live music scenes in the Detroit area, and we need everyone we can possibly reach to vote for us.  We’re currently in the number three spot, with the number one spot being held by a massive country bar who showcases one house band only, and they play nothing but covers.  We’re a small venue that’s lucky enough to pull amazing musicians (even our open mic nights are to die for–huzzah!), but we’re up against some big hitters, so we really need everyone’s help. 

Follow this link and click on the “Vote Now” icon.

Scroll down to the “Nightlife” category, and click on “Live Music Venue”.

Scroll down until you find TC’s Speakeasy and hit “Vote”.

Voting ends August 31st, and you can vote once for every email you have, so please use what you’ve got!  And an even bigger favor; please pass this on to everyone ya know!

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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3 Responses to “A Favor”

  1. Shaggy Says:

    James, Two votes coming from deepest, darkest, down-under.

    Good luck to all at T.C’s

    Shaggy °¿°

  2. Posted from Australia Australia
  3. laura Says:

    We MEET the Wallnuts! How COOL is that?!!!
    Jamie and Ig are some of the nicest folks ever (and Ig’s mom, Jill too)! OMG Jer loved meeting them! He is now the proud owner of AT jr. Who he thought he’d give to his aunt but who has now taken up residence in the living room. Jer, Tom and I amazed ourselves with the ability to eat french fries with chopsticks! Jer giggled and grinned half the way home, “I met the wallnuts.” We know how busy you both are SO Thanks for meeting with us. We had a wonderful time.
    PEACE Laura-Tom-Jer

  4. Jamie Says:

    Shaggy; thank you so much! We find out sometime next week, so keep yer fingers crossed…

    Laura!! I’m so glad Jer decided to keep AT Jr, as everyone needs a turtle! ;~p It was fantabulous meeting you guys too, and oh; thanks again for the kick-arse cake and for buying lunch!! :~)

  5. Posted from United States United States

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