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A Favor

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

The bar I work at, TC’s Speakeasy, has been nominated by channel 4 news as one of the best live music scenes in the Detroit area, and we need everyone we can possibly reach to vote for us.  We’re currently in the number three spot, with the number one spot being held by a massive country bar who showcases one house band only, and they play nothing but covers.  We’re a small venue that’s lucky enough to pull amazing musicians (even our open mic nights are to die for–huzzah!), but we’re up against some big hitters, so we really need everyone’s help. 

Follow this link and click on the “Vote Now” icon.

Scroll down to the “Nightlife” category, and click on “Live Music Venue”.

Scroll down until you find TC’s Speakeasy and hit “Vote”.

Voting ends August 31st, and you can vote once for every email you have, so please use what you’ve got!  And an even bigger favor; please pass this on to everyone ya know!

Thanks to everyone in advance!

Fort Videos

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Before I post any more videos on the main page, I have a question; does anyone else get a short shound clip from the most recent video after the main page has loaded? Having to hear my own voice every time I come here is irritating as shite! At any rate, step inside to see the two videos.

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A Stop On The Silk Road

Thursday, August 23rd, 2007

One of the most remarkable days in terms of discovering ancient remains happened back in January about 30k west of Guozhou in Gansu province.  From a distance The Ig and I could see what looked to be a fort, but in order to see it up close, we’d have to walk about 7-10k out of our way. 

Although I’d been ill the previous four days and wasn’t really up to the extra walking, I agreed to check it out.  Cutting across fields, through patches of scrub and wading through silt that at times was ankle deep, we finally got close enough to see that this was definitely going to be something special.

                                   P1020025.JPG    P1020047.JPG

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How Time Flies

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

It’s been a long time since I’ve Triple Dog Dared anyone, and so today I have a challenge for ya’ll; where were The Ig and I one year ago today, and what were we celebrating?

Speaking of dares, here’s a photo of The Ig eating the brain out of a duck head after I’d bet him fifty kwai to do it.  And what does duck brain taste like, you ask?  According to The Ig, it tastes like pate.


We’d found roasted duck not too long after our fruitless search on Thanksgiving, and I shot a short video of our meal.

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Pub Notes

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Most bars, pubs and clubs keep records of any off-kilter goings-on in some kind of a log book, and my place of employment is no exception.

Last night while at work the Pee Guy–who’d already been banned for more reasons other than his moniker suggests–pimp-rolled through the door.  He was reminded of his pub status and was asked to leave.  A short argument ensued, but he left peacefully.

At any rate, I had to log it in the Incident Book, and lemme tells ya; there’s some funny schtuff in there.  Okay, so maybe it’s more of the not-so-funny-when-it-happened ilk, but isn’t some of that the best kind? 

I mean, I think it’s high time we laughed at someone else’s misfortune here for a minute…

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